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Welcome home intro tabs!!!
WELCOME HOME : Coheed and Cambria How to play The intro on guitar!!
A lot of times I see people playing tabs, and They can just look at it and play it easily.. Though with some mistakes, And sometimes they play it wrong.. I see a lot of guys doing this.
   {sweep]                                 {sweep]
      . . .              
:iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 0
Mastiff. RWBY Oc.  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Mastiff. RWBY Oc. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 1 :((((((((((((( by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 :((((((((((((( :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 3 1 thingy wingie,  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 thingy wingie, :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 2 0 Zachs Buster Sword.  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Zachs Buster Sword. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 1 11 L.O.V.E.. by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 L.O.V.E.. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 0 The walk.  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 The walk. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 4 I hate the chemicals.. by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 I hate the chemicals.. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 1 0 Your not prepared son  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Your not prepared son :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 2 5 What you think plz?... by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 What you think plz?... :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 10 I'm a wizurd by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 I'm a wizurd :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 1 0 Strawberry Fields Forever. by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Strawberry Fields Forever. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 2 0 A request from Pony square. by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 A request from Pony square. :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 0 4 Wood shaving Penis... by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Wood shaving Penis... :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 1 0 What happens when I come home from school by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 What happens when I come home from school :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 5 0 Shark Azula  by aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Shark Azula :iconazulahtehponeh97:aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 5 0


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How to Make a Buster Sword
How to Make Zack’s Buster Sword
Total Cost: Around $10
Time(for my own sword, will vary) : 4 hours for the body, 3 days for the paint, 1 hour for the details
Step One:  
-Find a piece of plywood at a hardware store (Home Depot or Lowes works)
*Make sure that the plywood, when standing up, reaches to at least your shoulder*
-The dimensions of the plywood will vary per person, but rectangle sized ones are good
*IMPORTANT!!!* MAKE SURE THAT THE PLYWOOD IS NOT TOO BILLOWED! (Billowed, meaning the wood curves).
Step Two:
-Purchase spray paint for the sword.
-I recommend black matte, silver, and (you may have to go to an art supply store for this one) a gold paint pen.
Step Three:
-Start by drawing out the plan for your sword whether it be on the wood or on a piece of paper.
-> There are no specific dimensions of the sword, but have the handle reach up to about your shoulder, and have the edge of one of your swords cutting down on a diagonal to give it a point.
*You don’t
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Seriously?.. Does it ?.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi, all who are viewing my profile.

My name is Trevor, I'm a hobbyist to be honest with varied skills, mostly using said skills to put a smile on a face. I always try my best at everything even though art comes naturally to me..

And by naturally , sometimes ideas are slow, like a lake that has gone through a bad drought, and sometimes it comes to me like herd of wild bulls. Anyway, enough about that, it's time to move on to me.

I, freaking, hate, Assignments with a passion. That's why I think I hated art class because I was always goofing off, and never finishing the assignment. I was always like that, and still am, but I'm very creative when it comes down to it my dyslexic brain just keeps me from pulling off any GOOD positions from my head. I still like requests and stuff though, I will do requests anytime, just send me a note stating what you want.

A list of things I will do:
2.Dragons (maybe if I ever find time to learn how to draw them)
3. Couples.
4. Jokes.
5. Memes

I WILL NEVER DO ANY NSFW! The only reason I ever will is if it is in the horror genre.

Which brings me to another thing about me, I love Horror!
And I'm not talking Slenderman bull crap, more like SCP-CONTAINMENT BREACH, and Other stuff.

What I like most is the thrill of Dread, I get a rush out of it, if I'm playing a good horror game though I'll be a big baby.

Besides all that I like working with metal, welding and stuff.
Aswell as fishing, hunting and camping. I'm in the FFA for those of you who don't know that stands for future farmers of america.

I'm also going to be leaving for either Air Force or Marines Boot camp in late 2018, anyway enjoy my art page.


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Big-Dango-Family Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
/high fives back 
(i couldn't reply to your comment because she blocked me) 
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She's so freaking stupid dude...
Big-Dango-Family Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
not only does she tell white lies all the time, she lied and said that i sent a note on my other account telling her to kill herself when i didn't. i even had a screenshot of proof and she didn't. i kept telling her to post a screenshot of the note but she just kept saying "but you did tell me to though"
i'm not that low though
plus she's just immature and picks on people's grammar when she can't win an argument 
aZuLaHtEhPoNeH97 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
She started running around calling me a pedophile.
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